[Last update: 1 April 2006]

Peace Flags, Buttons, Bumper Stickers,...

Table of Contents

  • Flags
  • Bumper Stickers
  • T-Shirts
  • Buttons
  • Yard Signs
  • Flags

    Click here to order through Peace Flags.org
  • 50 stars in peace symbol U.S. flag
  • White peace symbol on dark blue background
  • Rainbow US peace flag
  • Click here to order through Progressive Portal
  • White peace symbol on dark blue background
  • Rainbow-striped US Flag
  • US Flag w/ solid white peace symbol in blue field
  • Rainbow US striped flag w/ Earth Peace Symbol in yellow field
  • Black Peace Symbol on Blue, white center
  • Black Peace Symbol on Blue-Green, white center
  • Earth Flag on dark blue, offcenter
  • Earth Flag on royal blue, offcenter
  • Earth Flag, centered
  • UN Flag

  • Companion Flag
    A white flag to fly beneath a national (or other) flag with a stripe of the "host flag"'s color at top. The idea is to hang these below all flags to show unity among nations as well as distinction.
  • Bumper Stickers

    There's Dirt under Every Bush

    Attack Iraq?  NO! Available at MonkeyWrench Books 110 North Loop, Juice Joint on Barton Springs Road.

    Antiwar T-Shirts

  • Black t-shirt with the white peace sign on it, and back lettering that says: War does not decide who is right, only who is left. from Caitlin Orr thinkpeacefortomorrow@yahoo.com
  • http://www.seventimes.com/shirts.htm
  • www.radicalrags.com
  • Buttons

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