[Last update: 29 December 2001]

Artists: Show Us Your Best Bush!

A Quick Call For Rapid Submissions

Due Noon, Friday, January 4

First Prize: $150 Cash Award
Second Prize $50
Third Prize: Bush T-shirt


The Texas state government will ceremoniously unveil an official gubernatorial portrait of George W. Bush on Friday, Jan. 4, inside the Capitol rotunda. Bush, now recuperating at his Crawford ranch, will be present for the event. The portrait, painted by Ft. Worth artist Scott Gentling, will be lined up with all the other staid works of ex-Governors on display.

We are looking for something different - art that truly represents Bush and his legacy. As Molly Ivins has said, Dubya bushwhacked Texas. Now it's our chance to take an artistic whack at Bush and then share those images with the national press corps on Friday.

We know time is short, but we just learned this past week about the event. We consider this a challenge to create something fast and furious, and plan to tap into the energy of the new year. Existing pieces are also welcome.

All visual media will be accepted and put on display on Friday, and possibly on display in a gallery in the near future. We are consulting with local galleries about this.

On Jan. 4 we plan to show the art beginning at 12 p.m. on the sidewalk in front of the Capitol at 11th and Congress. During the afternoon passers by will be able to vote on the best piece of work. The winner will be announced sometime between 5 and 6 p.m.

You can submit your art by bringing it to the Capitol sidewalk, at 11th and Congress, on Friday at Noon. Or, if you need to arrange to have it picked up on Thursday evening, call 476-3713.

People are encouraged to spend the entire afternoon in front of the Capitol and create Bush art on-the-spot. Musicians and drummers are more than welcome.

This art project on Friday is being organized by the Democracy Coalition and an adhoc group of art-activists.

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